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Carved Case October 8, 2014

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Today my iPhone 6 Plus Traveler case arrived from Carved.com — it’s the “Robot Doom” Traveler style in cherry wood.  There’s a whitewashed ebony version that shows off the graphic better, but I like the plain wood color.

The case feels well made and it’s less expensive than the official Apple cases.  They offer plenty of styles to suit almost any customer’s tastes.  Due to the nature of wood, each case is slightly different.  In a world of mass production, it’s fun to have something that’s one-of-a-kind.


The iPhone 6 — will it bend? September 29, 2014

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Earlier this week, some new owners reported their  iPhone 6 became warped simply by carrying it around in a pocket. This prompted a set of bending videos that went viral. I believe the issue has blown over already — Consumer Reports ran their own tests and found the iPhone 6 was not “as bendy as believed”.

Abuse any phone and I’m sure you can damage it to some extent. Certainly the iPhone’s aluminum body won’t rebound like those made of plastic. The larger iPhone 6 Plus may be easier to bend in your hands because you can get more leverage with your thumbs — but are you really going to try that? I’ve been pocketing mine without a case for over a week now and experienced no problems (although I do wear pants with roomy front pockets). I wouldn’t carry a phone in my back pocket because I might accidentally sit on it (or even more likely — lose it). Keeping other objects in the same pocket as the phone might create a fulcrum for bending (or least cause nicks and scratches) — an expensive iPhone deserves a dedicated pocket of its own.

In response to “BendGate”, Apple invited the press to visit their test facilities. This glimpse into Apple’s inner workings is one of the more interesting things to rise out of the situation (see Re/code’s video).

CNN Money asks Siri, “Can I bend you?”

The iPhone 6 — my 2¢ September 19, 2014

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iPhone 6 Plus atop wooden test block

A week ago I was up at 2am (Chicago time) in an attempt to preorder a new iPhone. After an hour patiently pressing buttons, it seemed I’d succeeded and today I received my new space gray iPhone 6 Plus (with 64GB storage).

I’m pleased — I wanted the larger plus size because I think it’ll be more useful for app development. I’d actually gone through the trouble of cutting off a piece of basswood plank to get an idea of well the phone would fit in my pocket.

The rounded edges and thinness of the actual phone feels better in my hand than the old, rectangular iPhone 5. I’m surprised how quickly I’ve gotten used to the large size. I wasn’t starving for a larger phone, but now the old phone seems so small.

The plus works for me because I wear hiking pants with large, roomy front pockets — I wouldn’t keep it in my back pocket for fear of losing it. It seems to fit most shirt pockets, but not without sticking out an inch or two — it’s really too big and heavy to stash in a shirt.

Now that I can see phones in-person, I think the 4.7″ iPhone 6 may be the model that’s “just right” — not too small and stills fits in about any pocket. John Gruber has some well written thoughts on the iPhone size options — I don’t regret my choice, but I expect most people would be happier with the regular iPhone 6.

The naked phone fits comfortably in the creases of my fingers, but I ordered a case to hopefully keep it from getting all dinged up. I found a place in Elkhart, Indiana that offers a wide selection of wooden cases (carved.com). They have a long list of testimonials and it’ll be fun protecting a device made of such hi-tech materials using lo-tech wood.

The phone itself is beautiful. Here’s a list of some in-depth reviews of Apple’s new phone: